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proper noun | classic, formidable, feisty,  intelligent, and humorous petite ball of  fire whose aim is to teach the world to operate in love by creating and performing literary works, facilitating writing workshops, and delivering inspirational speeches.



Not Happiness. No to Pain: How Decision Making Led me to a Better Life

Nonetheless, joy, according to an old friend, is the unwavering feeling of peace and serenity, and positive energy.  Joy trumps happiness every single time because joy is unconditional. Whereas, happiness is solely dependent upon something good happening. The issue with depending on things happening is shit may never happen. My hair may never grow. I may never get a man. I may never like my big toe. I may never get over how my father/mother/aunt/colonel Sanders was never there. Despite the hold for these happenstances, life still goes on, and so we must choose to have inner peace, joy, and security within ourselves.

Well, Damn, B, How do I do this?

Show them Who you are: Black Panther and the Importance of Identity

First of all, Wakanda forever. If you have not seen Black Panther, I highly suggest you do. I’m actually not quite sure what you are waiting for. Its lit AF. And in true artistic fashion this film has surged a spirit of celebrating and praising Blackness and Black womanhood–my two favorite things. With that, I …

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